Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

I love my AirPort

As you may have picked up if you've monitored my recent journal activity, the reason everyone is blessed with my odd ramblings right now is Apple's AirPort and my iBook. I decided to step outside to enjoy a fine cigar. Since it takes a while to smoke a cigar, I usually take a book or magazine outside to read while I relax. Today, I decided to live it up wirelessly on my Mac. With the new iBook, the iPod, OS X, the low-cost iMacs, and the AirPort, I think Apple is on their way to regaining respectability in the market again. That makes me happy.

Well, unfortunately, it's a wee bit colder than it was last night and my fingers are about to freeze. So I better head in. Besides, I want to put on a load of laundry before "Buffy."

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