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Greg Cohoon

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Monthly Motorcycle Ride


I just barely made my monthly ride for October. I was going to go riding a few weeks ago, but my battery was dead and I couldn't find my charger. I found my charger yesterday at lunch and charged the battery. I ran the bike a little bit last night before going to bed. So today, I got up and started her up. I think she might need to be looked at by a qualified motorcycle mechanic.

Anyway, I rode into work. Maybe I'll go for a lunchtime ride. Today is the most pitiful instance of meeting my goal of riding my motorcycle at least once a month. But it counts. Just November and December are left. If the weather's nice on Saturday and I'm not at work, I think I'm going to try to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway and look at the leaves again. They looked great last weekend and might still have another weekend in them before they all fall.

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