Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon
drmellow redirection properly working again

A little over a week ago, I noticed that the redirection for a subsection of my domain name wasn't forwarding properly -- forwarded to instead of e.g. I entered into a somewhat lengthy email discussion with the support staff at my registrar (GoDaddy!) and they went between telling me that nothing had changed to (sort of) acknowledging that there was a difference in the behavior, with a note that they were forwarding my notes to their developers to look into it.

Long story short, I noticed this weekend that the behavior had reverted back to the way it used to work. I'm very thankful for that -- I can give out a short URL to my Sunday School class, for example, and they'll properly get redirected to the Sunday School page instead of my "main" front page like was happening last week.

The funny (to me) thing is that they didn't email me or anything to tell me that the behavior has changed back. I just sent them a note telling them that I noticed it changed and that I was much happier with it's "correct" behavior. Hopefully, they won't change it back.

Lately, it's the little things that I find pleasure in.

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