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Staying Alive!

Last night, I went to see the tour or "Saturday Night Fever" (the musical) which is currently in town. I had been looking forward to it ever since this year's season was announced. The first act was somewhat disappointing, as the production seemed plagued with sound problems. They appeared to fix the problems during intermission and the second act went off much better.

After the curtain call, they had a mini-dance party where the cast showed off a few other dance numbers that didn't make it into the production proper and encouraged the audience to dance along. Some did. It was fun.

I don't care what you say about disco or how badly maligned it is. I love the music. Yes, it's formulaic. But you can really dance to it. Can seventies culture be removed from seventies music? I.e., can you have disco music without the wretched excess of the disco culture? Quite possibly not. But I sure enjoyed the play last night.

Next month: "The Music Man"!

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