Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

"Birds of Prey" and "Smallville"

Last week, I mentioned that I won a "Birds of Prey" contest. Yesterday, I went down to the local TV station to pick up my prizes -- a t-shirt and a poster. They were both pretty cool items. The t-shirt is black with the words "Birds of Prey" written on the front in a semi-architectural style. And there's a gargoyle perched on top of the writing. The poster had a tagline that said something like "Batman's daughter is all grown up now" and has a picture of Huntress perched on top of a building. As I mentioned, I don't watch the show anymore, so it's kinda funny that I won the prizes. I've also heard in several places now that the show's being cancelled. I'm not surprised -- it's not anywhere near as good as it should be, as it could be.

The really cool thing, however, is that when I went to pick up the prize, I noticed a "Smallville" poster on the wall of the station and commented that it was a cool poster. It was one of Clark (Tom Welling) in the forground and the tornado from last year's season finale in the background. I wasn't fishing for it, but the receptionist got me a copy of the poster, too.

I'm considering getting some of those cheap poster frames and bringing them into work.

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