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Ahhh. LiveJournal. It's been quite some time, no? Well, I'm trying to come up with things to do that helps me avoid my work while I let a couple possible solutions to my problem rattle about in my head. So, I'll do a quick LiveJournal entry.

It's too bad it rained today. I was really enjoying the nice weather of late, which allowed me to ride my motorcycle a bit. I think I've decided to go ahead and finally buy the saddlebags and sissy bar that I've wanted since I bought the bike. When I go home, I'll measure the space to make sure I don't order bags that are too big. Otherwise, I would have ordered them this morning.

I also want the world to know that I think my iBook is really cool. I got it last year, complete with the wireless networking stuff, so I can surf the net from anywhere in my house. That's really convenient.

OK. Enough chit-chat for now. Back to coming up with my project plan.

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