Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon


Ahhhhh.... The Greg of old days is back. This is the Greg that finds himself extremely exhausted at the end of the day, but unable to fall asleep. I bet it's poor sleep habits that is keeping me awake. I'm done surfing the web. Nothing really of interest to me there anymore tonight. There's nothing on TV that I want to watch. Check that, I just heard something on TechTV about a huge bat cave. Nahhh, I'm done with TV for the day. I'm trying to cut down on my TV watching. I could tidy up around the basement some, but I'm too tired to do that. Physically, I'm exhausted. Mentally, I'm going full throttle. My brian won't slow down enough to let me go to sleep. And it's kind going too fast for me to concentrate on anything important, so I can't do much in the way of catching up on work stuff, or planning future Sunday School lessons. I guess I'll grab a magazine and/or a book or two and read until I bore my mind into sleep. That's hard too, 'cause there is very little that I read that I find boring. So, of course, I'll be up late, late, late and end up dragging myself out of the bed tomorrow.

The thing that really stinks about this pattern is that it keeps me from achieving my dream of getting up earlier than a half hour before I need to be at work. I would so much love to have an hour in the morning to do my devotional reading, read the day's news, or work on some personal projects before heading off to the office. These are the things that seem to slip in the evenings and never get done.

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