Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

New York, Saturday (or The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged))

We slept in a bit after having been out all night the night before Learning to Fly. And we had a busy Saturday ahead of us, including catching up with an old friend of mine and watching some Shakespeare (kinda).

Once we got out of the hotel Saturday morning, we had a nice stroll around the area close to the hotel. We stopped into St. Patrick's Cathedral for a bit. They were even having a service there at the time, so it was really nice to stand in the back and listen and watch what was going on. The architecture was so beautiful. It's just plain awesome what humans can be inspired to do in the name of God. (Yes, I know the flip side of the atrocities that humans commit in the name of God, as well. But I'm not talking about that here.)

My wife really enjoyed going into Sachs and shopping around. I thought it was pretty neat, too, but...well....I'm a guy -- there's only so much a department store has to hold my attention. A little more strolling about before heading back to the hotel to change. I had another pretzel while we were out.

After changing into our evening attire, we headed off to meet one of my friends who was visiting in New York that day, as well. We had a great supper at Joe Allen's, which my friend generously paid for as an anniversary gift. It was great catching up with him, then we headed our separate ways for an evening of plays. My friend went to see "Urinetown" while my wife and I went to see "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)." Funny, funny, funny show. Three guys went through every one of the Bard's plays and 150 of his sonnets "Cliff's Notes"-style in two hours. Othello was a rap, all the comedies were wrapped up into one two-minute presentation, etc. The entire second act was devoted to "Hamlet," which they did for us several times forwards and backwards. Loads of fun.

After the show, we headed out to Chinatown, but ended up walking through Little Italy instead. They're right next to each other and Little Italy was all dressed up for Christmas with the decorations and such. We found a gift for my wife's mother (shhh! don't tell!). The coolest was when we stopped for a canoli and coffee. We're sipping our coffee when I notice the guy at the table across from us pulling a little box out of his pocket and slide down to his knee. Yes, he was proposing. It was pretty cool. A couple of people in the area clapped and embarrassed the couple. I told the waitress to give me their check and took care of it for them as a little engagement present. They didn't tell the couple that we were picking up the check and my wife and I left before they asked for it, so I'm sure that was a nice little surprise for them when they did decide to leave.

As we walked back to the subway station, I enjoyed a nice cigar I picked up earlier in the evening and my wife looked at handbags in the little shops along the way. Then we were back to the hotel for some much-needed sleep before our Sunday adventure!

Coming soon.... New York, Sunday -- probably the most bizarre single day's worth of events I've had yet.

And I'll soon be "caught up" on my LJ reporting and can re-enter the day-to-day snippets that I love so much.

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