Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Revitalized Webpages

Years have passed without my vanity web pages being touched. Over the past week, I finally changed that. A funny thing about it, though, is that while I was in the middle of updating my pages, I won a radio call-in contest on Online Tonight where the prize is a free year of domain name registration. So, once I get the verification e-mail and go through the paperwork, I'll be registering my site under my own domain name. But, for now, if you're interested, you can visit my simple home page, the once highly-popular Johnny Cash Tribute Page, and, what I hope holds a lot of promise, my page of class notes for the Sunday School class I teach. Even when I register my own domain name, those links will probably continue to work. Comments/suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy my little piece of web vanity. <grin>

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