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Johnny Cash!

I really wish I didn't have to be at church to play handbells at eight o'clock tomorrow morning. Don't get me wrong, I love participating in the worship service by playing in the bell choir. And tomorrow, we're playing an especially wonderful piece -- in addition to the bell part, there is a cello part. The piece sounds incredible. I've always loved the sound produced by a cello. It makes a surprisingly good combination with a bell choir, too.

So why don't I want to be there tomorrow? I'm currently listening to the internet stream of Big Kev's Big Country Revue which is in the middle of a seven-hour tribute to Johnny Cash, in honor of his birthday today. Yup, that's right -- it's 1:30 and they are in the middle of the tribute -- it runs until six o'clock tomorrow morning. I missed the first two hours, 'cause I wanted to watch Christopher Walken on SNL (disappointing). I would love to stay awake and listen to the tribute, but I know that if I do that, I'll be of zero use to the bell choir tomorrow. Not to mention to my Sunday School class.

Attempts to find a way to rip the internet stream (it's not a ShoutCast stream, it's a stream that's playable via Windows Media Player) so that I can listen to it at my leisure. Oh well, at least I get to listen to the show as I drift asleep.

Bonus! As I was finishing off this entry, the station had a call-in contest where the fifth caller would win a copy of "Kindred Spirits." So, I tried calling in. I was caller number four. Oh, well, I thought. What are the odds that I can immediately call again and make it next in the queue and be caller five? I tried again anyway. And I got through! Super-cool! They asked me if I had a request, so I asked to hear "One." I figured that since I won, "One" would be a neat play on words.... Well, I do need to get to sleep....

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