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I shot a man in Reno...

I did something this evening that I haven't done in a long, long while. I pulled out my guitar and started strumming some tunes. My fingers are sore, so I must be doing OK. My guitar was woefully out of tune, and I'm not very good at tuning it. Somehow, however, I managed to get it in tune with my CD player. I had an old Johnny Cash album pounding them out and I played along. I managed to stumble through "Hey Porter" several times and "Folsom Prison Blues" several times. I was really concentrating on smooth chord transitions, but I even figured out about half of the solo for "Folsom."

Johnny Cash is good for me to start with as I ease back into playing guitar. It's basically just three chords and the truth, so it's not technically difficult. I'm so rusty, though, even easy non-technical covers of the Man in Black sound pretty sad on my flat-top box. Give me a few weeks.

Plus, this Christmas, I'll have several classical-style arrangements of Christmas carols to play.

My guitar playing will sound so much better after I trim my fingernails.

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