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Pager Duty

I've been blessed in my professional life. I've worked as a Software Developer for almost seven years and have never had to carry a pager. In my experience, that's pretty much unheard of. If nothing else, usually kids fresh out of college get burdened with the noisy electronic leash. Somehow, I avoided that immediately out of college and in all the years of my professional experience. I suspect it had a lot to do with my coming out of school during the heyday of the dot-com stuff and getting immediately assigned to non-support-related work. Whatever the reason, I have an almost seven year streak of never carrying a pager.

Today ends that streak.

At my current job, everyone on the team gets a chance to carry the pager for a week each quarter. From the lowest, most inexperienced developer, to the top-tier team lead/architect. There's some equality in that. Anyway, I've got the noisemaker until next Friday morning. I hope it stays quiet.

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