Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Job news

I received some unsettling job news on Friday.

My company is consolidating their national departments. These are departments like IT, where I work. Right now in IT, we have a handful of larger development centers and bunches of smaller development centers scattered throughout the country. In order to improve efficiency across the department, they are going to centralize IT to two development centers: Seattle and Dallas. As it stands now, it appears that my job would go to Seattle in the consolidation. At this point, details are very sketchy. The plan is to complete the consolidation by the end of 2004. There is a high-level team of people working to determine the complete plan for the transition. They will be using the next 90 days to come up with the plan and I don't expect to hear any more details before then. This decision is being painted with a very broad brush and at a very high level. Greensboro is not being singled out as part of this; we're lumped in with almost 60 other locations.

There's a remote chance that they'll decide that the Greensboro location is exceptional and will exclude us from the consolidation, but I doubt that will happen. Eighteen months is a long time -- if our business picks up, they might decide that the consolidation isn't as necessary, but I'm not counting on that either. Most likely, my specific job will move to Seattle. I'll probably be offered a chance to move with it, but the details on what that relocation might mean are nonexistent at this point. Even if I am given the opportunity to move with the job, I don't know if that's something I'm interested in doing.

However this all turns out, it's going to be hard on a lot of people. I think across my department, over 500 people are affected. It's going to be hard on a lot of people here in Greensboro and throughout the country in the other remote development centers. It's going to be hard on other organizations in my company as they have to restructure in order to deal with the turnover that will inevitably follow. Please keep us in your prayers.

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