Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Motorcycle fun

I think I figured what it is about my motorcycle. She likes to ride for more than just between the house and the office. After installing the newly charged battery this evening, I took her out for a thirty mile ride. Once I got on Lake Brandt Road and opened her up a little bit, she started to sound better. When I stopped at the next stop sign, her idling was no longer pathetic. Really, I'm not surprised she's been giving me trouble lately. She's five years old and has lived her entire life outside. (I don't have a garage.) She just went through two pretty nasty ice storms. And the only riding I've been doing lately has been to work and back (about 3 miles each way). I'll have to try and take her out again for an extended ride soon.

The other thing I realized as I was riding this evening is that I've never named my bike. Maybe she's being temperamental since she is still unnamed. How will I ever rectify this situation? Of course, there's only one way -- a poll! If it helps with the naming, she's a black 1999 Honda Shadow VLX. That's a 600cc cruiser-style bike.

Use the comments to justify your suggestion.

Poll #111670 Name my motorcycle.

Name my motorcycle.


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