Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Motorcycle battery

I think I need an LJ-pic for my motorcycle posts.

Well, my motorcycle (still haven't decided on a name -- make a suggestion) wouldn't turn over this morning. It was pretty cold (I had to scrape ice off the seat), so I wasn't terribly surprised it was stubborn. But it just cranked a little bit and quit trying. Click-click-click. Since I had only charged it yesterday, I was a bit surprised that it gave up trying so easily.

So I'm guessing that the battery has reached the end of its useful life. I poked around the web a bit and found references to motorcycle batteries lasting 2-4 years when properly maintained (charged regularly, kept in storage in cold months, etc.). Well, I wasn't a great maintainer of my battery. Plus, my bike isn't garaged, so it gets the temperature changes hard. The other thing is that my bike is five years old. I'm not complaining. The battery is dead. Long live the battery! When I got home from work, I went over to the battery store and picked up a new battery. Ironically, the motorcycle started just fine on the old battery. It was pretty warm, so I wasn't too surprised. But I don't want to play russian roulette with having my bike start. I just filled it with the electrolytes a few minutes ago and will be connecting it to the charger in an hour or so. By this time tomorrow, the battery should be charged and ready to go.

Once I get gimp installed, I'll post a picture of the little ride I took yesterday evening.

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