Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

David Allan Coe

I just got back from the David Allan Coe show. I am so glad I went. I've seen DAC three times now, and every show is different. I was a little disappointed last time I saw him -- DAC was pretty drunk the whole show and I was really worried about his health. Today, I don't think he even touched the glass of whiskey he had next to him. He also spent a lot of the concert playing standing up instead of sitting down like he did last time, although he did sit for some of the songs. The show was full of energy. DAC sang a bunch of his own songs. He also did a lot of great covers: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, James Taylor, Johnny Paycheck, Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, Prince (he sang "Purple Rain"), and I'm sure there were other covers that I'm not remembering.

I even got to see a fight break out in the audience. The bouncers broke it up and expelled at least one of the participants. I think the cops got involved, too. DAC and the band just kept playing without skipping a beat.

Can a DAC show be complete without his singing "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" (aka "The Perfect Country And Western Song")? Yes. He didn't sing it tonight, but it was OK. It just proved to me that DAC isn't a one-trick pony. Even at 63 years old, this man is a good, professional entertainer.

Rhonda (my motorcycle) was good to me both to and from the show, although it was a little chilly. On the way back, I found myself behind the DAC tour bus. The same thing happened to me last time I saw him. This time, the bus didn't stop at the IHOP, though.

It was a great show. I look forward to seeing him again sometime.

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