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101 Dumbest Moments in Business

I normally don't read these kinds of lists, but I followed a link from my home page and found "The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business" -- some of these things are really funny.

Here are a few examples:

24 Whiffed pitch No. 3: dead spokespeople.

To promote the release of its videogame Shadow Man: Second Coming, the London office of Acclaim Entertainment (AKLM) seeks volunteers who'll allow the company to put ads on the headstones of deceased relatives. Explains an Acclaim spokesperson: "It's a dark, gory type of game, and we thought it was appropriate to raise advertising to a new level."

67 Those special memories that last forever.

In May, a day after the announcement of possible terror threats involving light aircraft, charter-plane company Wings Aloft flies a Cessna over Seattle to spread the ashes of a Mariners fan over the roof of Safeco Field. Instead of the elegiac dusting that was intended, the container detaches from the Cessna, smashes onto the stadium's roof, and bursts into a powdery cloud that prompts the mobilization of a haz-mat team.

82 For reasons never adequately explained, McDonald's runs an ad that features a disturbing, bloated, poorly coiffed creature. And also Grimace.

Astute readers of my journal may remember that I, too, wondered about the whole Grimace commercial.

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