Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Afternoon Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Ride: March 21, 2003

On the advice of estherchaya, I left work a little earlier than normal today. I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and take Rhonda (my motorcycle) out for a ride. Wow! The weather was awesome. This was truly the first good ride of the year.

My ride started at the gas station since I was running on fumes in the reserve tank. I headed out towards Summerfield and stuck to roads that I was mostly familiar with. Since I had my GPSr with me, I wasn't too concerned about getting lost -- I figured that if I did, I'd be able to find my way back without much difficulty. Soon, I found myself in Oak Ridge. I ended up meeting another motorcycle at a stoplight and we rode together for a few miles. I figured that I'd follow him for a little while because he looked like he knew where he was going. It turned out that he was going to Wendy's. He turned into the Wendy's and I kept on going. After driving for a bit more, I was beginning to think that I should consider heading back home. I pulled into a Sonic parking lot to try and figure out if there was a way to get home without simply retracing my route. I realized that I was pretty close to Kernersville, so I headed in that direction and hit I-40 for a short bit. Once I got to the airport, I took 68 N for a while, once again going to Oak Ridge. I saw the Guilford Mill and would have stopped if I wasn't being tailgated by an orange pickup truck at the time. I would have had to slow and make a sharp right onto a gravel road and I just didn't want to mess with that, so I kept on going. Eventually, I found myself back in Summerfield and I took the return trip of my standard "just get out for a few minutes" ride back to the office, were I picked up a few things that I forgot when I left earlier.

In addition to the other motorcycle I rode with for a bit, I met about four or five other single riders going in the opposite direction as me. I also met a pack of about six guys on sports bikes. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought that today was a great day for a ride. I think I'm going to have to meet a few more riders in the area and try to make an effort to go riding with other people. It's fun riding by myself, but it's also fun when I'm riding with someone.

I remembered to wear ear plugs this time, too, which makes the riding a lot more enjoyable. It also probably does a lot to save my hearing. All told, today's ride was a little over sixty miles and about an hour and a half long.

I've included a picture of my ride (again, click on it for a bigger version). Once again, I need to remark how much I enjoy playing with gimp to make these graphics. I even added arrows this time to indicate my route. Yeah, I know it looks crude. I'll probably improve the more I do it. It's amazing how powerful a program gimp is. It's like Photoshop (Lite, maybe), but free. Yay, Mac OS X!


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