Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Two Hundred Miles With Rhonda

Motorcycle Ride: March 21, 2003

Yesterday was a day for me and Rhonda, my motorcycle. Wow! What a beautiful day. While I was out riding, I lost count of the other motorcycles I saw. I think everyone wanted to take advantage of the wonderful weather. All told, I logged about two hundred miles over maybe about six hours of riding.

I got up yesterday morning and headed over to Winston-Salem (arriving at about 10:00) for a nice visit with aunt_toad. We played with her computer for a bit -- it seems that the new version of Zone Alarm Pro has a "feature" installed by default that can break some JavaScript-enabled pages. The intent was good -- apparently, Zone Alarm Pro was intercepting all web pages and, before sending the page to the browser for rendering, inserting a handful of lines of JavaScript that was intended to block pop-up and pop-under windows. Unfortunately, on some web pages, this strategy kept the page from loading properly. Noble intent, poor execution, I guess. Once we disabled that feature, everything else seemed to work fine. Pepper and Goldie are doing well.

After a couple of hours with aunt_toad, I headed over to another relative's house, also in Winston-Salem. We got her printer working and then sat around and chatted for a bit. At about 12:30, I headed out for a ride. I had nowhere in particular to go -- I just wanted to head out and ride. I considered going to the Blue Ridge Parkway, but then decided that I wasn't necessarily interested in going that far. (I later changed my mind again and ended up going to the Parkway.) A short drive to the McDonald's gave me a chance to grab a bite to eat and pull the map out and plan a tentative route. I decided to go north for a bit, cut east, then head back south to home. I had planed to cut east when I got to Mt. Airy, but once I was on the road, I decided to go ahead and go to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Just before hitting the Parkway at Fancy Gap, I refueled Rhonda. The Parkway didn't have a lot of people on it, so the ride was very relaxing. Once I got to Tuggle Gap, it was time to head south and towards home. The road between Tuggle Gap and Stuart, VA was really winding and fun to ride. If I'm changing elevation on a winding road, I think I enjoy increasing elevation rather decreasing elevation like I did yesterday. Breaking and twisting gets tedious after a little bit, but still fun and good practice.

I stopped in Stuart for a final refueling and a Rice Krispy Treat snack. While fueling, the man at the other pump was filling his pickup. He remarked that it cost me a lot less to fill my tank than his. I told him maybe so, but I have to stop more often since I can only count on about a range of a hundred miles. After refueling, I headed south for the final leg of my journey. It was pretty uneventful and I pulled into the parking lot at home at about six o'clock.

It was a great ride and I was really happy to be out in the open country again. This is the same route that my associate pastor showed me last year when we went riding the first time. I rode it in the opposite direction, though, since I was already in Winston-Salem to start with. I saw my associate pastor at church today and told him that I was looking for him on the Parkway yesterday and didn't see him. He just shook his head: "I got out a little yesterday, but didn't have enough time to make it to the Parkway." We had a good laugh and considered a quick ride this afternoon. Alas, he had a preaching engagement and I knew that I'd be napping. We'll get together again for a ride sometime soon, though.

To cap off my weekend with Rhonda, on my way home from church this morning, her odometer hit 5000.0 miles. That was pretty cool. But an average of only a thousand miles a year is pretty sad, I think. I'll be making a concerted effort this summer to really put some miles on that machine.


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