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Sleeping Motorcycle

Totally uncool.

I got home from supper tonight to find my motorcycle lying on it's side, as though it were sleeping. I didn't put it there and it was standing when I left for supper. My guess is either someone was just engaging in senseless mayhem or that someone wanted to try and sit on it and found it to be too heavy for them, especially with the front wheel locked. Rhonda is simply too heavy to have her center of gravity shift enough via natural means to make her topple.

The right turn signal is busted, much like it was when I dropped my bike the second day I owned it. I believe there are new scuffs on the exhaust pipe. The right grip is also scuffed. I'll be able to better survey the damage tomorrow, when it's light. One more reason that bikes should be garaged. Too bad I don't have a garage.

Oh, well. These things happen and there's nothing I can do about it now.

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