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Busy Weekend

Well, I certainly had a busy weekend.

Friday night, I went to the local Borders to hear one of my co-workers and his wife sing and play guitar. As usual, it was lots of fun. They're called "Feed The Dog" and they really need a website. I've been to most of their shows, as have some of the other folks who showed up. We decided that Feed The Dog fans will be known as The DogPound. So I'm a founding member of the Dogpound now. All in all, there were 5 members of the DogPound present at the show. After the show, the whole DogPound went to Buffalo's to eat, where Feed The Dog generously bought the first round of drinks for everyone who came.

This weekend was when we installed the big new project at work that we've been working on for a long, long time. It's a major rewrite of one of our systems. I've been on the team ever since I started last July, and they were in full swing when I joined the team. This weekend, my role was back-up support for Saturday, which was supposed to be a pretty minor role. But I was interested in keeping up with the first-tier deployement team as they installed the applicaiton. So I took cat naps between the status calls that were at 3AM, 6AM, and 8AM. I got up in earnest by about 9:30 or so on Saturday. My official back-up shift started at 1PM, but at about 11:30, I checked with the folks about how it was going and they were having some problems that I could help with, so I went into the office to help out.

I got there about noon. I left at about 10PM.

I also ended up doing some minor support via Instant Messenger until I went to bed at about 2AM, when my official on-call shift ended. I ended up having a lot of fun working the issues that came up. It especially felt real good to be part of such a big an important release. But I was anticipating that I would not have to go in at all to work on Saturday. So I ended up not getting anything that I had planned on getting done Saturday accomplished. Oh, well. Not too big a deal.

Sunday, after teaching Sunday School and attending worship services at church, I went home and thoroughly crashed. I was planning on going to the Easter band practice with Mrs. Mellow and aunt_toad, but I was simply too exhausted. Plus, one of the things I had planned to do on Saturday which I didn't have a chance to do was relearn my trumpet fingering. I'll be doing that tonight (and every night this week) in preparation for Sunday's band practice.

So I slept all afternoon Sunday, until Mrs. Mellow called and asked if I'd be awake enough to have supper with her and aunt_toad. I thought that was a great idea. When they arrived, we went to Gold India (the best Indian restuarant in Greensboro) and had a wonderful meal. Then we came back to our house and just hung out for a while, listening to Johnny Cash's newest album, a few other albums, and looking at stuffed animals.

That was my weekend. And, finally, at the end of the work day on Monday, I have some time to write about it.

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