Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Plans to visit DC

My plans to visit my friends in the DC area were thwarted when the training class I was scheduled to take was postponed. So instead of being in the DC area for the entire week after Memorial Day, I'll just be up there for a few days. With the company giving us Monday as a holiday, I decided to go ahead and take Tuesday off as well and make a long weekend of it. Most of my weekend will be spent visiting with my family, but I hope to catch up with a handful of my friends while I'm up there as well. Obviously, I bet my friends will be having Memorial Day weekend plans as well, so it may end up being difficult to catch up with everyone anyway.

My class was postponed until September. So, barring any further complications, I'll be back up in the DC area then. The really annoying thing about this whole class thing is that I was originally supposed to take it last November. It looks as though I will finally get to take it almost an entire year later!

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