Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Family Reunion

Last weekend, I went to this year's family (on my dad's side) reunion. It was lots and lots of fun. As usual, it was held at the Gum Neck Firehouse in Gum Neck, North Carolina. They said that there were over sixty people in attendance. Of course, there was lots and lots of food -- all of it yummy. It was a great time to catch up with some of my relatives who I don't see very often. I even got to meet some of my relatives I've never met before. For example, my cousins that live in Australia were able to come this year. I'm working on updating the website I maintain for our reunions. I have over two hundred photographs to sort through (remove the unflattering ones, identify and label the rest, etc.) before I add them to the site. I hope to finish that before too much longer.

One of the highlights of the reunion was watching my cousin Roger ride his unicycle. And juggle. At the same time.

If your family has family reunions, you should go to them. If your family doesn't have family reunions, you should start organizing them for your family.

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