Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Cedar Grove United Methodist Church

Along with my family reunion last weekend, I got to attend Sunday School at what is quite possibly my favorite church: Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in Gum Neck, North Carolina. It's a small church, served by a preacher who has three churches in his charge. So even though Sunday School is every week, there's a schedule for when preaching occurs at each church. Last weekend was one of the Sunday School only weekends. It's been a while since I've been in Gum Neck when they had preaching, but I always enjoy going to Sunday School there.

Cedar Grove is a really small church. I think there were eight people there last weekend, which included three visitors -- my father, someone else who came in for the reunion, and myself. (Although, they did say that they had a hard time calling some of us visitors. This is the church my father grew up in and everyone kind of considers it "coming home" when we're in town the community for a visit.) Except for two people, I think everyone at Sunday School was either me, my father, my grandfather, or one of my cousins.

Sunday School at Cedar Grove follows a fairly predictable recipe: opening hymn, devotion, another hymn, collection, lesson, announcements, dismissal. There are several opportunities for prayer, as well, but I don't remember exactly where they all fit in. The regular pianist was not there Sunday, so they were going to skip the hymn-singing parts. Just before Sunday School started, someone asked me if I could fill in on piano. I'm a bit rusty on piano since I don't practice/play much, but I thought I could probably do fine. I asked which hymns they wanted me to play and they told me that if I played, I could pick out whatever hymns I wanted. So I picked "Rock Of Ages" and "Blessed Assurance." I debated about "Amazing Grace," but I always pick that one, so I decided to go with something different this time. We did "Rock Of Ages" first. The devotion was about Jesus' love and the person sharing the devotion suggested that "Jesus Loves Me" might be a good hymn if I hadn't already picked out a second hymn. I agreed -- especially since I remembered that "Jesus Loves Me" is a whole lot easier to play than "Blessed Assurance." After we sang the second hymn, I joined the rest of the class in the pews for the lesson. I really enjoyed playing piano for the Sunday School. Perhaps some other time I'm out there, I'll have a chance to do it again.

Just in case, I think I'll start practicing the piano some in the mean time.

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