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Supper Conversation, Training, Work, Reading, Esperanto, iTunes (aka a "screenshot" of Greg)

Monday night, I had an excellent supper conversation with a good buddy of mine. We talked about so many things: aliens, distributed computing, relationships, cryptography, biochemistry, geocaching, money, religion, faith, politics, and I'm sure more topics that I just can't remember right now. It was really nice to have a relaxing evening of pleasant conversation. Things have been somewhat stressful for me lately, and supper on Monday night was a welcome calming event. It's been a while since I've just conversed with some of my friends lately. In this fast-paced world of e-mail, instant messaging, phone tag, etc., it's important to take a couple of hours every now and again just to sit down and have some good old-fashioned face time with your buddies.

I think if I reinstitute Poker Night, there will be more face time with my buddies.

They've brought in a trainer from Learning Tree to present a customized course for the developers here. It's focused on XML and XSL. It's an excellent class for me to be taking right now -- I only recently learned (mostly self-taught) how to do XSLT. The last project I was on had a lot of it, and I needed to get up to speed quickly. So what I'm learning now helps explain some of the stuff I "cut-n-paste" and helps solidify what I do know. The class is good. Our instructor is loud.

Work is work. It's starting to get stressful again as we move into another project crunch. If the company wants to keep us churning out projects at the rate they're having us churn stuff out, I don't know how they'll ever mange if they continue with the "consolidate to Seattle" push and most of the staff around here declines to go. We'll see how that continues to work out. I think I'm supposed to hear more information about it in the next week or two.

I'm still reading. I finished Man In White. It was really enjoyable. Maybe I'll write more about it some other time. Currently, I'm rereading Why Flip A Coin? The Art And Science Of Good Decisions. I read it several years ago and really enjoyed it. It's a good reread, too. Basically, it's Pop Statistics. It's probably too cheesy for serious fans of statistics, but maybe not. It's definitely a good read for the lay person. I'll probably write more about it later, too.

I turned in my lesson six in the Esperanto course. It's been several weeks since I've done a lesson and I'm really starting to forget all that I've learned to this point. I think I'm going to have to review lesson five again soon. I'll probably have to redo the lesson I finished tonight, too. Still, it's lots of fun. I'm looking forward to finishing the course. If I can solidify lessons five and six in my head, I think I might be able to stay on track with my goal of actually learning Esperanto, instead of simply completing an Esperanto course.

On top of all of that, while typing this update, I've been playing with the iTunes sharing capabilities with one of my buddies. He's in Maryland, I'm in North Carolina. But it's like his music library is available right with my music library. Click, click, click. Pretty simple. To be fair, I did have to poke a hole in my router and firewall, but that's to be expected and was really easy. I love Apple. I really hope they're back on track to being a first-class computer company.

Well, I guess that entry is lengthy enough. It kinda catches me up, on a high level. Besides, it's midnight-thirty and I need to be at work early tomorrow.

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