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Defeated by a geocache

I spent two hours after work today geocaching, only to be defeated by Hell is just ahead (GC8159). After coming back and checking the logs, I noticed several people posted alternate coordinates. After putting the alternate coordinates into my GPSr, I see that I passed by where the cache might be a time or two, but probably wasn't looking too closely. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go again tomorrow or Friday with the new coordinates.

Even funnier is that I originally chose the incorrect trail head. After hiking in about a half mile and coming within a few hundred feet with nothing but a huge stream between me and my prize. So I decided to give up and head back home with plans to try again another day, when I had better shoes. On my way home, I noticed another trailhead on the other side of the huge stream. I figured that might be the correct way to go, so I gave it a shot. Once again, I hiked in about a half mile and my GPSr said I was right on the cache, but I couldn't find it (I think I'll be more successful with my improved coordinates). I even slid down a steep hill, almost spilling myself into the huge stream.

Anyway, even though I didn't find the cache, I had a good time looking for it. And I figure I'll find it next time I go out, especially if it's not getting close to sunset.

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