Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer

Today's FridayFive is full of questions I will not answer publicly, so I have moved this week's soul-searching prompt for a post to my backup, the Weekly Wrap-Up. As of the time of my posting this, the Weekly Wrap-Up hasn't been updated for today, but since I didn't answer last week's questions, they're new to me. Without further ado, here we go!

1. Do you like summer? Why or why not? Yes, I like summer for lots of reasons. One reason is that the telvision shows are repeats, so I'm not tempted to stay inside -- I tend to spend more time outside during the summer. During the summer, I enjoy using my grill much more often (I grilled some chicken last night, e.g.). Summertime brings back memories of my childhood, when I had a summer vacation.

2. What is your favorite summer activity? Why? For the past ten years, I've gone to the NASCAR race in Indianapolis at the beginning of every August. That's always been a blast, and I guess can qualify as my favorite summer activity. For one, it's a big road trip.

3. What is your favorite summer destination? Why? Um, I guess Indianapolis, for the above mentioned reasons. I've never been a big fan of the beach. (I burn easily, and just don't enjoy having sand everywhere.) I do enjoy fishing and swimming, though.

4. What are your summer plans for 2003? We're planning on going to the Bahamas on a trip that Mrs. Mellow won last year. I think we're planning on going to the NASCAR race in Indanapolis again. I hope to find a lot of geocaches this summer.

5. Would you be in favor of rotating long breaks for school-aged kids so that there aren't as many out at the same time during summer? Why or why not? No, that sound like it would be too complicated to implement. Having said that, while I wouldn't be in favor of it, I wouldn't be oposed to it, either (unless the implementation of an idea like this caused excessive government bloat).

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