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Geocaching Poetry

In preparation for my geocaching fun scheduled with eagle243 tomorrow, I've spent the past hour or so working out a poem for the Geocaching Poem Travel Bug that I picked up last week. I want to place it in another cache for someone else to find soon. Here's the poem I settled on:

goecaching heaven

when I think about ammo-box loot
I prespire sweet sweat
GPSr coordinates reflect west south north east
I know I will emerge as victor
soon my hard urgent struggle must coax success
dirt trail grows harsh mosquitos bite
sacred stash sanctuary
listen! -
I explode with quiet peace

OK, I'm sure it won't go down as the world's greatest poetry. But I think I did OK with the magnet words I was given. This is a real fun travel bug. I really want to make one of these kits myself and release it as a travel bug of my own.

Also, while I was playing with the magnets, I watched "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" on Turner South. I really enjoyed it. Robert De Niro was awesome as The Creature. I've never read the book, but I think I might have to now. In the past, when I think "Frankenstein," I think Boris Karloff and silly horror hijinks. Not so with this movie. It really held my attention.


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