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I have pants!

This may not seem like a big deal for many of you, but I have been in sore need of pants for weeks, if not months. Finally, this weekend, I wore a hole in the knee of the last decent pair of pants I own. I've been bumming around the house and out geocaching in "outdoor" pants and pants with holy knees. Until about an hour ago, I've had nothing really appropriate to wear to work tomorrow.

So I went shopping, with the intent of picking up one pair of pants (maybe two) and then start looking in earnest for pants on sale. As it turned out, Hect's had their Dockers and the Levi's on sale today! So I was able to buy my pants at about half price. I bought three pair of Dockers and two pair of Levi's. I might might be in good shape for a little while, now.

Also, Doc Watson is incredibly cool.

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