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Ring of Fire

I'm watching a show on CMTV. It's called "The CMT 100 Greatest Country Songs." I've been quite enjoying it. And now they come to Number 4. And it's "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Before they have someone perform the song, they talk about it, showing interview clips of the singer, songwriter, and/or other artists. Of course, (the late) June Carter Cash wrote that song, and they were showing an interview clip of her from February of this year. And a clip of Johnny. Even a clip of Kenny Rogers.

Then the Emergency Broadcast System interrupted, took control of my TV screen, and informed me of a tornado warning the next county over. When they came back, they were already to the point of Marty Stuart performing the song. I missed the whole climax of them talking about the song and it's genesis. Grrr.

On another note, something else about this show is slightly annoying. They've been recapping the countdown every time they come back from a commercial. This show is part documentary, part concert. And as they recap the songs, the ones that made the list that were from people like Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn, etc. (i.e., the newer songs) are getting huge crowd response, while truly great songs like "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and songs by Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb, Eddy Arnold, etc. (i.e., the classics, the ones that set the way, the ones that will still be on a list like this in fifty years) are often met with silence or reserved applause from the crowd. I tell you, kids these days. No appreciation for the standards. The only exceptions were Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. I did get a kick out of that.

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