Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Busy Day: Weddings and Geocaching

I've had a busy day today. Today was drjekyll's wedding day. I started the day well by wrapping his wedding present. I even taped the card to the present itself, instead of the box (at Mrs. Mellow's suggestion), so it would be less likely for the card and present to separate from each other. Then, I started packing the car with stuff I was taking with me (notably, a change of clothes so I could go geocaching after the wedding). I headed out with plenty of time to spare. The wedding was in Newton, which is about ninety miles away, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time.

Well, I'm an idiot. I got about forty miles away and realized that I forgot to actually bring the gift. I contemplated going back to get it (I probably had time), but decided that I would just give it to drjekyll when he got back from his honeymoon. Silly me.

I got to the Newton area in plenty of time for the wedding, so I went a little farther west and checked out Dale Jarrett's store in Hickory. That was pretty neat. I'll probably go back again sometime. Maybe I can get on their mailing list and find out when they'll have drivers over for autograph sessions and the like. I already know that Tony Stewart and someone else will be there the Thursday before Bristol. Maybe I'll go check it out.

I decided it was time to go to the wedding so that I would be sure not to be late. The directions to the church were excellent. I arrived in plenty of time. A little while after I arrived, several of my co-workers arrived as well and we all hung out together for the ceremony and the reception. It was a very nice ceremony and a great reception. The groomsmen were all handsome, as was drjekyll. The bridesmaids were all very pretty in their pretty purple dresses. And the bride was, of course, stunning. The ceremony was appropriately religious and celebratory. The reception was close where we had a great time. They even had jalepeno poppers and spicy peppers!

After enjoying the reception for a few hours, I headed home. I stopped twice for some geocaching fun, a regular cache and a micro cache. I was successful in finding both of them. My first find was near an old covered bridge (yes, we have a covered bridge in North Carolina, and it is quite cool): OL' BRIDGE. This was quite a fun little hike in the woods and a nice find. The container was big enough for me to drop the Travel Bug I've been carrying: the Geocaching Poem Travel Bug, so I did. Perhaps the next person to find the bug will be inspired by the bridge in their poetic endeavors. I was happy to move the bug west in it's travels. Perhaps now it'll get out of the Triad area, where it's been hanging out for a while. The second find of the day was a micro-cache I found in a graveyard: A Grave Situation #2. It was pretty neat looking for a micro-cache in this graveyard. It was really neat looking at all of the old tombstones. I didn't have time to stay very long, however, as it started to rain a little and I didn't want to get too wet. So I jumped back in the car and headed home.

Now, to put the finishing touches on my Sunday School lesson and head to bed.

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