Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

FridayFive: Hair

I've been somewhat absent from updating my journal in the past week. Mostly, that's because I've been at N 26° 30.979' W 078° 41.830' for most of the week. More on that later, when I have time to update more thoroughly (probably tonight or tomorrow).

Today's FridayFive is about hair.

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short? The longer it is, the curlier it gets. When I kept my hair short, it was pretty straight. Now that I've been letting it grow out, it turned wavy and is begining to venture into curly.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime? I started out life as a little blonde boy. Now I've got dark hair. As a kid, I had short hair. In high school, I let it grow out and had longer hair. Same in college. And various times since college. Oh, yeah, there was that period that lasted about six months where I went crazy with my hair. I trimmed it down to a buzz cut and then colored it a different color almost every week. I went through green, red (think fire engine, not natural), purple, dark black, platinum, maybe a few others. I also would shave my head completely bald every now and then during that time. I eventually moved out of that when they complained at my part-time job. (Yes, my part-time job. My full-time -- real -- job was cool with it. But THE MAN at Blockbuster (curses, Viacom, curses) wouldn't have anything to do with it. So I transitioned back to normal hair. Then quit my job at Blockbuster.)

3. How do your normally wear your hair? Somewhat unkempt. Lately, I've been wearing it under a baseball cap. I'm toying with the idea of letting it grow pretty long, but in order to do that, I need to let it go through a period of hard to manage in-between length. When I've done this before, it didn't take as long to move through that phase as it is currently taking.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like? Think Willie Nelson.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened? No real disasters. When I was trying to make it purple, it wouldn't seem to work very well -- it kept looking more black than purple. That's not really a disaster. Many, many years ago, my brother had a hair disaster that I still enjoy talking about. I've adopted that experience as my hair disaster story.

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