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Claire Holley

Last night, I went to the Greensboro CD release party for Claire Holley, a singer that I used to go see perform in a local restaurant every Tuesday night. Well, a few years ago, I started getting busier and she wasn't playing at the restaurant anymore, and I just kinda lost track of her. Every now and then I'd notice that she was playing in Chicago, or Mississippi. She's a great, great singer/songwriter and I always thought that she should be out in Nashville doing some songwriting over there. It's been about three years since I've seen Claire play.

Well, a friend of mine shared a newspaper article (Time To Go) with me last week which talked all about Claire. She's moving to Nashville where she'll be closer to the industry and maybe able to get more attention. I'm extremely happy for her and hope that it works out well. The article also said that she'd be playing a couple of shows at the Blind Tiger last night and I was able to make it to the second show. It was great. She still plays an acoustic set (which is where she shines), but she also plays some songs with a more traditional band -- drums, bass, etc. All in all, it was a great show. I picked up her new album (Dandelion) and one of her earlier ones that I didn't already have (Sanctuary).

After the show, I talked with Claire a little and introduced her to Mrs. Mellow. I was somewhat surprised that Claire remembered the songs that I used to request when she was singing at Cafe D'Arte. She's a great, great talent. Keep your eye out for her. She's playing a few more dates that are kinda close before she moves, so I might be able to catch her a few more times.

It was close to 2am when I got home, and I'm still tired from my vacation. I'm looking foward to a relaxing weekend to catch up on my sleep and tasks around the house.

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