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"I Have My Doubts"

I cannot remove my doubts, but I cannot erase my faith.

I've seen an essay about Christian doubt by The Internet Monk mentioned several times in various people's journals. A lot of times, when I see these references, I'll click and quickly scan the essay, but not really look at it in great detail, mostly because I'm so busy, I don't feel I can afford the time to read it. Boy, am I glad I read this one. I think it's well written and a refreshingly honest look at the doubts that many Christians have, but often try to hide:

My doubts are bad enough that I have to make frequent daily reexamination of the very basics of my own faith. These aren't matters that were resolved in a conversation somewhere back in college and have never visited me again. Oh, no. Almost daily I travel back down some of these well-worn paths. Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Doubt has given me many opportunities to ask myself why I am a Christian, and to appreciate those who chose not to believe.

This is an example of the kind of essay that I wish I were writing on a regular basis. I will be definitely be sharing it with my Sunday School class tomorrow, as it touches on some of the things we've been discussing in our study of Job.

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