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Bahamas: Sunday

Flight to the Bahamas

Mrs. Mellow won a trip to the Bahamas last year. We took it earlier this week (Sun - Wed). In the next several journal entries, I'll write about our trip to the Bahamas.

Our flight on Sunday left RDU a little before 11pm. It was an uneventful flight that went to Freeport. I had fun mapping the flight with my GPSr, which I was able to since I had a window seat. That's our flight path in the picture on the left. We got in and had a taxi ride to the hotel resort. We were staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree and in theory would have been able to go straight to our room, as the vacation package included giving us keys to our room when we were in Raleigh.

Unfortunately, when we got to our room, we were unable to get in -- our keys didn't work. So we headed back to the front desk to try and get it straightened out. The lady at the front desk speculated that the battery in the door lock was dead. She had security meet us at the room in order to let us in. Well, the security guard's key didn't work, either. That's when he noticed the door was double-locked. He tried to call someone on his walkie-talkie to find out why it was double-locked, but his walkie-talkie wasn't working too well, either. So he knocked on the door and a woman who was obviously asleep answered. (It was probably about 1:30am at this point.) The security guard fumbled an apology and told her to go back to sleep and then apologized to us for the hotel having obviously double-booked the room. So back to the front desk we go.

The lady at the front desk was very apologetic and assigned us a new room. Peter, the security guard escorted us to the new room. No one was in it, and it looked OK. We thanked Peter and he left. The air conditioner wasn't on, so the room was pretty hot. While I fiddled with the AC (which only seemed to work at about 70% power), Mrs. Mellow looked around the room a little more. That's when she discovered that it didn't appear as though the bathroom had been properly cleaned: there was trash in the wastebasket, used soap in the shower, and dirty towels on the floor. The rest of the room looked clean, but since we weren't sure, we called the front desk to tell them we didn't like our room and why.

The lady at the front desk was the same lady we had talked to before, so we didn't have to explain the situation too much before she said that she'd get us another room. She said she'd have the bellman go to the new room and make sure it was OK, then come collect us and our bags. A few minutes later, the bellman came and took us to our new room. It was clean. It was cool, as the air conditioner had been running for a while, and it was nice. In fact, I think the room had been recently renovated and everything was in good shape. The hotel also gave us a ticket for two free breakfasts since they had so much trouble getting us checked in.

That really was about the worst part of the trip. And that wasn't too bad, just a little annoying. It's something that could have happened in almost any hotel and I don't hold it against them. I'd have no problems going back to the same hotel on future trips, and hope that there will be future trips to take!

By this time it was about 2:30am and we were getting tired. Off to sleep in preparation for a full day of Bahamas fun on Monday!


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