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Welcome to my homepage.

I'm playing with the semi-permanent links that I keep over at Nothing's getting deleted this time (although KCRW, mental_floss, and Sounds Eclectic were considered). Here's what got added:

  • Accordance Bible Software: a great Bible software program.
  • The Internet Monk: the companion to The Boar's Head Tavern, chock-a-block full of great Christian essays.
  • PragDave: the blog of one of the authors of The Pragmatic Programmer. Dave often posts interesting programming challenges that can be used to keep one's programming skills sharp.
  • Reunion: the best genealogy program out there.
  • WatchBlog: a political blog with three columns -- democrats, third party, and republican.

I also moved my GnuPG information closer to the top of the page.


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