Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Bahamas: Tuesday

Tuesday was my favorite day in the Bahamas, even though it's the day I got sunburned. We did a lot of stuff. And then we did more stuff.

Tuesday was the day we decided to venture out from the comfort of our resort-area nest and explore more of Grand Bahama island on our own. One of the things I wanted to do was visit Lucayan National Park because there was a virtual geocache there. More on that later.

In order to get to the park, we needed some form of transporation, since the park was about 25 miles away from Freeport. I was told that a taxi would cost $40 each way, plus we'd have to pay the driver to stick around since it's unlikely to get a taxi from the park otherwise. That was much too expensive. We could have signed up for a tour and taken a bus there, but that would have been much too inflexible for what we wanted to do. So we rented a buggy. It looked like a beach buggy, but we weren't allowed to drive it on the beach. It was about $70 for a 24-hour rental, which was a pretty good deal, I think.

Tuesday morning, I went out to wait for the buggy people to pick me up so I could sign all the paperwork, but they didn't come. Well, they did come, but it took us a while to hook up. The problem was that there was a labor dispute at our resort and protesters blocked the entrances and exits to the property, which kept the buggy person from being able to drive up. Eventually we caught up with each other and she took me to get the buggy stuff signed for and everything. I went back to the resort and picked up Mrs. Mellow (she had to walk off-property since I couldn't drive up) and we headed out to the park.

It was a great, fun drive. Just a little bit past the park, we found a little convenience store where we found some yummy McVitie's Digestives. There was also a bit of a cafe, and we ordered up a mess of conch fritters. That's how I'd describe it in the South, but I doubt they say "mess of conch fritters" in the Bahamas. Again, yummy.

Because of the confusion with the labor dispute in the morning, I forgot to make arrangements to rent snorkel equipment. Fortunately, we found a city town villiage (OK, I think it technically is a city, but it was really small.) were we found someone willing to rent us equipment. Bellies full of conch and snorkel equipment in hand, we headed back to the park.

Oh. My. Goodness. The Lucayan National Park is beautiful. Pine trees right on the beach, practically right up to the water. There were not many people there at all. The sand is beautiful and soft. The water doesn't really break, it laps. You could lay down on the beach and let three inches of water just flow around you. I'm not a beach person, but if all beaches were like this, I could become one. We stayed at the park for several hours and had a great time. I collected the information I needed to prove that I made it to the Bonefish Flats virtual cache (Yay! First Find!) and we headed out to return our snorkel equipment and start heading back towards the resort.

On the way back to the resort, we stoped to search for the Doulos and the Kirk cache, whice we found. It was pretty cool to find a couple of caches -- my first international caches -- on our trip. There was a third cache on the island, but we didn't even attempt to seek it because it wasn't near anything else we were doing.

We went on back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for supper and take a rest. Since we had transportation, we decided to look for a place to get supper outside of our resort area. What we did was drive over to another resort area and have a magnificant supper. I had Bahamian lobster tail -- three of them! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

After supper, we had a nice walk around the waterfront area for a bit before heading back to the hotel for bed. All in all, Tuesday in the Bahamas was the best day. When I go back to Grand Bahama Island, I will definitely plan to spend more time at the park.

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