Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Bahamas: Wednesday

Wednesday marked the last of our days on Grand Bahama Island. I was sad to go.

I got up Wednesday morning and returned the buggy to the buggy people. Thank goodness for my GPSr again, which made it easy for me to retrace the route we took when they picked me up Tuesday morning.

After getting back to the hotel, I engaged in packing activities to get ready to go. Once everything was pretty well packed up, we headed out for some more duty-free shopping. I took this opportunity to smoke my second Cuban cigar of the trip, a Francesca (? or something like that). It was none too good. Never again will I have one of those. I kept trying to give it a good effort and refused to simply put it out, but it kept disappointing. Oh, well.

On the way out of the shopping area, I picked up a couple of shirts and some tourist-y souvineers. This, of course, included my getting a couple of bottles of local hot sauce, which I try to do every time I go on vacation. I haven't tried the sauces yet, but apparently the goat pepper is pretty hot.

Back to the hotel for some final packing and clearing out of the room -- we had to check out by 2pm. So we headed on downstairs for the checkout, which went smoothly, but involved a bit of standing in line. Once we had checked out, we didn't have anything specific to do until 5pm, when our transfer would be at the hotel to take us to the airport. So we hung around the resort some more. I got myself something to eat from the pool-side cafe and enjoyed the third (and final) of my Cuban cigars, a Cohiba. That one was pretty good and made up for the icky one I had earlier in the day. I was pretty tired from all of the stuff we had been doing all week, so I just took it easy until time for the transfer to come and take us to the airport.

We went to the airport, where there were more lines to stand in. Then waiting to do. The flight back to RDU was on time and pretty uneventful. I slept for as much of it as I could. We hung out in Raleigh a little bit before coming back home, but didn't stay too long as it was pretty late and I had to work the next day. I ended up getting to sleep about 3am.

And there you have it, a wrap-up of my Bahamas vacation. Grand Bahama island is a great place to go and I would definitely go back again sometime.

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