Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Big Daddy Largepants

From Food companies use humor as defense in ads:

The food-industry group will spend another $50,000 to run 30-second radio ads next week on several FM stations and WMAL-AM. The parodies start with "According to the latest study," and continue with absurd claims such as "If you eat a wheelbarrow full of cheese fries each week, the cheese fries are to blame when people call you Big Daddy Largepants."

I'm glad to see that the food industry appears to have a sense of humor about the possibility of being sued and regulated to death like the tobacco industry. This sort of regulation is completey inappropriate. People need to take responsibility for their own behavior. If you do something that results in unpleasantness, you should bear the unpleasantness. Don't try to shift it around to someone else!


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