Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

FridayFive: Reading

Last week's FridayFive is about reading, specifically about childhood reading. I was out of town on Friday, so I didn't answer the questions then. Instead, we get a Monday update. As much as I love reading, I am embarrassed to admit that these questions posed difficulty for me. Mostly, because of my terrible memory.

1. What were your favorite childhood stories? I don't really remember many stories, certainly not in the vein of "children's books" from when I was a child. We had some Dr. Seuss and some other of the typical "children's books," I just don't remember what they were. I do remember Bible stories from my childhood. I enjoyed them (and still do), especially Noah's Ark.

2. What books from your childhood would you like to share with [your] children? Well, I really enjoyed having that "Children's" Bible. Or a basic book of Bible stories. Dr. Seuss is quite cool, too.

3. Have you re-read any of those childhood stories and been surprised by anything? Not really, not that I can think of anyway.

4. How old were you when you first learned to read? Pretty young, I think. Again, my memory isn't all that great, but I can't remember a time when I couldn't read. I remember a time when I couldn't read cursive.

5. Do you remember the first 'grown-up' book you read? How old were you? Nope, I don't remember.

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