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Weekly Wrap-Up: Pictures

This week's FridayFive contained a lot of questions that I would have answered as "I don't remember," so I decided to do the Weekly Wrap-Up this week instead. It's about pictures.

1. Do you like to have your picture taken? Why or why not? I neither like nor dislike it. I don't shy away from the camera, but I don't seek it either.

2. What is your earliest memory of having your picture taken? I've got a terrible memory, and having snapshots taken was just a part of growing up. There are lots of pictures of me as a wee tyke, I just don't remember them being taken. I guess my earliest memories would be when we got togehter for formal family portriats, where we'd go to a professional photographer and have our pictures made. We did that several times a year for a long time when I was growing up.

3. What is the best picture you've ever had taken (or took of yourself)? Why did you pick this photo? The professional ones I mentioned in the last question came out good. Same for the ones from my wedding. As far as non-professional photos go, there's a black-and-white snapshot that a friend of mine took when we were visiting Washington, D. C. It was a profile head shot and I was wearing a baseball cap with a Batman action figure clasping the hat brim. That one's good because it's a technically well-done photo, and I look relaxed and whimsical without being over-the-top silly in it. There's another good snapshot that my father took of me at a family reunion one year. It's another head shot and I'm wearing a cowboy hat in this one. Again, it's simply a technically well-done photo and I've got a good expression on my face for it.

4. Ladies, under what circumstances would you pose for a "glamour shot"? Gentlemen, would you want your girlfriend/wife to pose for a "glamour shot"? Both: why? Gentlemen can pose for "glamour shots," too. And I'd do it for fun if I didn't have to pay for it. Why? Since I don't seek out the camera, I don't have a deisre to pay to have a glamour shot done. But I bet it would be fun. Plus, it would be a great challenge for someone to transform me into a glamour shot pose. *grin*

5. Would you ever pose for nude photos? Why or why not? No. There's no need for that.


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Jul. 14th, 2003 12:04 pm (UTC)
I think most "glamour shots," as in the kind where you go to the maul and pay money to get made up with the same heavy makeup everyone else does, pick out a few crazy outfitsm and have pictures taken through the 70s porn soft light filter, look awful. However, I would LOVE to have a real professional dress me up in a way they thought I me personally looked good, and then have some nice pictures taken. It's one of the things I keep promising myself as a reward once I reach my weight goal.
Jul. 14th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm going to get a kilt once I reach my weight goal.
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