Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

34% isn't bad

Mrs. Mellow, her father, and I went back to Shane's earlier today for a full round of sporting clays. Out of the 50 shots, I hit 17 -- 34% isn't that bad for a novice. We all had a good time. I got a chance to shoot Mrs. Mellow's father's 20-gauge, which I enjoyed (even though I didn't hit either of the targets I was trying for with it).

At about station six or seven, a thunderstorm came in fast. Fortunately, we were at a station that was in the woods, so the trees offered us a bit of protection from the rain. Except the rain kept coming. The skies just opened up and poured. By the time the storm had passed, we were soaked. But we didn't let that bother us -- we went ahead and finished up the course. They've changed some of the stations a little bit since the last time I was there. Notably, they took away the station that bounced the clay along the ground (to simulate a rabbit), which was pretty challenging, unpredictable, and fun. Regardless, the course was still lots of fun and I had a great time doing it.

Perhaps the best part about my shotgunning adventure today is that the pager only went off once, and I was able to address the issue that I was being paged about from the range, without having to even log into a computer!

We had a great time and may end up going shooting again next weekend, but in Raleigh. Apparently, there's a sporting clays course similar to Shane's somewhere in the Raleigh area. We'd like to check that one out, too.

I really need to make a website for Shane's and sell it to them. Every time I try to find their phone number by doing a web search on their name highlights the fact that they don't seem to have a web page.

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