Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

The Internet Monk Strikes Again: Homosexuality

Agree with him or not, The Internet Monk (aka Michael Spencer) has published a new essay -- In The Gay Ol' Summertime -- in which he tackles the issue of homosexuality and how Christians should respond to it in both the secular and religious worlds. He has much to say on the topic -- it's one of his longer essays. Much of what he says is going to provide food for thought and challenge me for some time to come.

Here's a little snippet from the essay:

I think this puts moralizing crusades into a very negative light. It appears to me to commit the church to a course of action that it knows must ultimately fail. While there may be some perceived and real short term benefits to seeking to pass laws that restrict some behaviors of homosexuals, the ultimate effect may be to impede the hearing of the Gospel by those who need it. This really matters to Christians, or should matter. In other words, we cannot preach Good News to people if they perceive us primarily as their political and personal enemies. Clearly, whether it is rhetoric or reality, many homosexuals believe that Christians want to imprison or harm them. This may be ludicrous, but it is not baseless. Many Christians are crassly political and hostile in their opposition to the gay agenda, and to gays as individuals.

Once again, it's refreshing to read Michael's words -- he writes in a way that challenges me instead of just reinforcing my preconceived opinion. I think, in the end, I agree with much of what Michael says in this essay. That means that I need to reflect on these issues some more.

If you're at all interested in any of these topics, do yourself a favor and read the entire essay. It's worth the read. Even if you don't agree with anything Michael says, he'll probably make you think more critically about the issues he discusses.


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