Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

And the winner is...


From this point onward, my truck shall be known as CarrieAnne. It's a great name for many reasons. Reason one: it meets my naming convention of double-name, ending with "Ann" or "Anne." Reason Two: What is a truck used for? Carrying stuff! Carry --> Carrie and we have another play on words, much like Honda --> Rhonda. Reason Three: Carrie-Anne Moss.

There were lots of good suggestions in the "Name drmellow's truck" poll. Even some of the names that didn't meet the double-name, ending with "Ann" or "Anne" convention were good; I considered breaking the convention. But, in the end, I think CarrieAnne is the perfect name.

Special thanks go out to Mrs. Mellow for originally suggesting CarrieAnne.


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