Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Office Christmas Party

Last night was the office Christmas party. It was a decent affair, held at one of those places that is set up to hold things like office Christmas parties. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun. There was music. There was a buffet with great food -- especially the mashed potatoes. And there were door prizes. WooHoo! My wife and I won a gift certificate to Hollywood Video! My wife's comment was something along the lines of "like we really need any more movies," (I'm naturally a collector and have stacks of DVDs and video tapes) but I feel lucky 'cause one of my co-workers actually won a Hewlett-Packard Financial Calculator! (Yes, all of our gifts were donated by our company, except for the final gift, which was donated by an HP rep.) Anyway, I got to sit with, and get to know, some of the newer people on my development team. That was excellent. And they wrapped up the party a little after nine, so everyone was able to go home in time to watch Eric LaSalle's last episode of "ER." What an excellent evening!

Yes, once again, a POINT (sorry, not a BONUS POINT -- they're for special occasions like kicking off the game, etc.) goes to the first person who identifies the song title hidden in this post, along with the artist who sings it. Extra credit will be given for interesting trivia about the song or stories about what you think of when you hear it.

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