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Canada Geese

I'm not a big fan of Canada geese. I used to like them OK, but I've been living in very close proximity to them over the past five or six years and have developed quite a few ill feelings toward them. They're loud, they make a mess all over the yard, making it dangerous to walk around barefoot, and they're mean -- they'll hiss and hiss and hiss at you unceasingly. They look like rugby balls with feet and long necks and I've been tempted on more than one occasion to kick them. I never do, though, 'cause that would be wrong. But I'm still timpted. I've also wondered on more than one occasion how tasty Canada geese might be.

So today, while driving to work (already a bit late), imagine my displeasure to find a gaggle of geese attempting to cross a five lane (two lanes either way, and a turning lane) road. No, they don't do it in a bunch -- they string themselves out in a single-file line. Of course they have no concept of the traffic lights or crosswalks. So I sit and watch the geese tie up traffic as they attempt to cross the road.

OK. I'm not a big fan of the Canada geese, but it was pretty funny and cute to watch them tie up traffic.

[Edit: Thanks to carrie for pointing out that they're called "Canada geese," not "canadian geese." I have edited this journal accordingly. Additionally, I found evidence that I'm not alone in my dislike of these majestic creatures.]

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