Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

It was Willie Nelson

Following up on yesterday's song lyric post, I come before you with the answer. Once again, the quote:

For you can't hang a man for killing a women that's trying to steal your horse.

That's a great line near the conclusion of The Red Headed Stranger by Willie Nelson. Apparently, none of you knew that, though. Or maybe you just didn't want any points. I was originally only going to give her a single bonus point because she used Google to get her answers, but since no one else even attempted to play, I'm going to give meep one point for the correct answer (as her comment clearly indicates that she knows the correct answer), one bonus point for the interesting information she provided about the song/artist/movie, and one bonus point for being the only one to play the game. I would normally assess a penalty for using Google, but I won't today. So all told, that's one point and two bonus points. Congratulations, meep! Remember to keep track of your points and turn them in for valuable prizes at the end of the game.

I'm working from memory now, without any documentation to back up my claims, so if I'm off, I'm off. Points are available for anyone who corrects errors I spout out here. The Red Headed Stranger was a concept album, back when the idea of concept albums -- especially in the country music world -- were pretty rare. It tells the story of a stranger who comes into town, gets his horse stolen by a prostitute, kills the prostitute, and leaves town without being convicted of anything. (The yellow-haired lady was burried at sun-down. The stranger went free, of course. For you can't hang a man for killing a woman that's trying to steal your horse.) Of course, the studio didn't want anything to do with this project, 'cause they knew it wouldn't sell. Willie, not yet well-known as a singer, but very well respected as a songwriter (Crazy (yeah, the one Patsy Cline sings), Night Life, Funny How Time Slips Away, e.g.) pushed back. The studio gave in and let him do his project. The Red Headed Stranger turned out to be a great success and put Willie on the map as a singer in his own right. It was so successful, they made a movie about it, which I've unfortunately never seen. Perhaps you've heard the song Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain -- that's probably the most well-known song to come out of this project. Anyway, it's a great album. I never get tired of listening to it.

Hats off to you, Willie.


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