Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Enter The Recording Studio

When I was in the D. C. area last week, I got to spend some time with my brother, Chris. He's quite a talented musician, and lately has been setting up a mini studio at his house. While I was up there, we were just kicking some songs around and decided to record a few. Neither of us are singers, but Chris was brave enough to take the vocal parts. More power to him, I say. Here's what we did (all of the links are MP3 files):

Knockin' On Heaven's Door (5:27, 6.2 Meg)
That's Mrs. Mellow on keyboards. We tried to get a Hammond B3 sound, but couldn't quite get it right. Chris is covering vocals, lead guitar, and most of the rythm guitar. I take over the rythm guitar when Chris is playing lead and wail away on my harmonica otherwise. We recorded this on Monday, September 15.
Ring Of Fire (2:34, 2.9 Meg)
This is just Chris and me. We did this on Saturday, September 20. Chris is covering vocals and rythm guitar. I'm doing the lead. Essentially, if it was trumpets on Johnny Cash's version, I'm trying to duplicate that on the guitar. If you listen carefully in the chorus, you can hear me doing a bit of a bass line that Chris helped me work out. This song was a lot of fun to do. I really enjoy the peppy energetic rythm Chris used on it.
Ghost Riders In The Sky (2:58, 3.4 Meg)
Once again, this is just Chris and me on Saturday, September 20. That's Chris taking the vocals and rythm guitar. That's me on the harmonica.

Obviously, we're not professionals, but we had a great time. Chris was quite kind in letting me play with him, especially in indulging my love of Johnny Cash. I'm going to start practicing some more so that when we get together again, I'll be able to better hold my own. Chris even gave me a CD with some bluegrass music that he's working on, so I can practice my guitar against his banjo. I guess the next time we're likely to get together (unless he comes to visit me before then) is Christmas. Perhaps by then, we'll be able to play together on more than three songs.


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