Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Dr. Mellow Goes To Washington

OK, I didn't really actually go to Washington, DC. But I went around it.

Last week, I went up to the DC area. My company had bought me some training up there that I was supposed to attend last November, but was postponed due to project concerns at the time. It was rescheduled for the spring, but was cancelled by the training company. So, finally, last week, I got to go up for the training. Why did they send me to DC? Well, there's not much opportunity for training in the Greensboro area. Apparently, at the end of last year, there was plenty of money in the training budget for some good training opportunities, but little to no money in the travel budget. My parents live in the DC area, so I asked them if I could stay with them; they said yes. I asked my manager if the company would pay for the training if I took care of the travel. He said that was fine, so we got it all scheduled. What was the training for? Design Patterns. If you're in the software development community, you probably already know what they are and I don't need to ellaborate. If you're not in the software development community, you probably don't care. The training ran from Tuesday to Friday.

As soon as I finished teaching my Sunday School class on Sunday morning, I jumped in the truck and started heading north. I stopped around Petersburg, VA -- just south of where 85 runs into 95 -- for a late lunch at Hardee's. It was terrible. I kid you not when I say that I had to wait about 15 minutes for the three people in front of me to place their order before it was my turn. Then, after placing my order, I found ot that they were out of katsup. And the sandwitch they gave me had almost cooled down to room temperature. I didn't have time to properly complain, so I simply filled out a comment card with lots of negative comments and dropped it off in the box before leaving. I even pointed out that I had intentionally passed several McDonald's while waiting for a Hardee's to pop up -- about 20 miles of driving on the interstate -- before stopping there for lunch. I won't make that mistake again anytime soon. I will never, ever, ever go to that Hardee's again, and it'll be a little while before I go to the one here in town.

The drive was pretty good. I listened to the NASCAR race for a good portion of the trip, and some free, legal, lossless audio for the rest. Even with the delay caused by stopping at Hardee's, I made it to Maryland in pretty good time. It was great to hang out with my parents on a relatively lazy Sunday evening. I was looking forward to a pretty lazy Monday before my class started up on Tuesday.

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