Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon


Well, last week was the hurricane. I was in DC for my training class when it hit, so I probably got to see more of it there than I would have if I were at home. One of the few memories I have about living in New Orleans was living through a hurricane. When I lived in the DC area, we had a few hurricanes, too. And, since living in North Carolina, I've seen a few hurricanes. I've always lived through hurricanes far enough inland that it wasn't really a problem. Except for the one I remember in New Orleans, I guess the worst I've had to deal with was about a week of no power. That was when Fran decided to go to Nashville instead of heading north.

Anyway, with the hurricane threatening the DC area, they actually ended up shutting down the government on Thursday and Friday. I think they did that because they had to shut down Metro, because of the winds. I loved it. I still went to my class, but since there was so little traffic, what had been a 1.5 hour ride became a 40 minute ride. I think they should shut to government down more often.

My parents lost power Thursday night. It rained a bit, but mostly it was wind that we saw. The power was out until Saturday morning. It really wasn't too big a deal. Only about half of the students showed up for Friday's class, and we ended up having a great class.

Anyway, that's my hurricane post.

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